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We appreciate you stopping by. If you've come from Amazon, you may have noticed a slight difference in our website's prices. Here's the scoop: delivery and packaging costs are higher, with some deliveries costing up to $42.00 USD! Additionally, the delivery times we found, while cost-effective, could take 7-14 business days in some cases.

At this time, we exclusively ship to Canada and selected areas of the continental U.S. If you're in either of these places and choose to order from our website, we sincerely appreciate your business!

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GET OUR BOOKS AT DISCOUNTED PRICES (Shipped Anywhere Amazon Delivers—i.e., most international destinations)!

Visit the 'Pages' link on the right side of the screen and click on the title of the book you would like to purchase. There, you'll find clickable links that will redirect you to your book of interest on our Amazon Storefront, where your discounted price awaits!

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